General Safety Tips

common safety issues


Tips for you!

Your Safety, Your Experience

  Important documents which you should have

Keep a digital copy of all your important documents related to your booking.

If your booking is based on age, you need to have your personal ID or passport as proof.

Save the contact of the provider for emergency situations

Keep a hard copy of your voucher for any technical issues that might arise with your mobile.

  What to Book

At, we have tried our best to offer you a clear, detailed information about each offer avaialble on our platform.

We recomend you to check the difficulty level which you is suitable to you, dont book levels which are not suitable to you.

There are offers which are not suitable for people with reduced mobility or sicknes, these offer are not suitable for all persons.

  General Tips

-Dress as the locals do

-Don't carry too much cash, use cards for payment when possible

-Check-in with your family and friends when possible

-Follow the supplier instructions


  Where to go

If you are new to a place, make sure to discover the places which are suitable for you. avoid jammed places like train stations or markets, and take care of your bag and important things.

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