Cancellation & Refund

General Terms & Conditions


Cancellation & Refund General Terms:

in our platform, you will see different types of offers,

-Non-Refundable offers: no refund process will be accepted either from our end or from the supplier's end,

-Refundable offers:

 to cancel and refund any refundable offer, please check the allowed refund timeline. if the refund is made within the accepted limit which is mentioned in the details of the booked offer, we will refund the amount after deducting our service charges which are mentioned on your invoice.

If you failed to request the cancellation and request a refund within the set time limit, we will be unable to deal with your request.

-If the supplier offers an alternative option for your canceled offer, extra charges might be applied.

-depend on the supplier's terms, if the cancellation is allowed against the voucher, you agree to this term and the voucher will be valid according to the deal made with the supplier, does not agree to take part in this deal and does not take any liability for such cases.

For refunds and cancellation requests, please use the messaging system in our user's dashboard and open a support ticket on our help center


The refund payment process will be normally within 7 to 21 working days.



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